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Holistic Practitioners In United Kingdom
Name H&Y Rank  [ ? ] * Experience
Janet Scanlon
Area of Activity: Use of Herbs, (Details)
Location: Oxford, England
10 (Yrs)
Ren Clinic
Area of Activity: Nutritional Food therapy, Acupressure, Massage, Use of Herbs, Homeopathy, (Details)
Location: Durham, England
Jane Langley
Area of Activity: (Details)
Location: Wakefield, England
7 (Yrs)
Rochelle Marsden RSHom
Area of Activity: Homeopathy, (Details)
Location: Southport, England
8 (Yrs)
Sara Hawkins
Area of Activity: Massage, (Details)
Location: Warwickshire, England
11 (Yrs)
Area of Activity: Massage, (Details)
Location: London, England
149 (Yrs)
Sarah-Jane Bartlett
Area of Activity: (Details)
Location: Perth, Scotland
2 (Yrs)
Sue Rawlings
Area of Activity: Nutritional Food therapy, Fasting, (Details)
Location: Plymouth, England
2 (Yrs)
Vicky Parkin
Area of Activity: Chelation, (Details)
Location: Telford, England
15 (Yrs)
Mark Pogson
Area of Activity: Acupressure, (Details)
Location: Wells, England
10 (Yrs)
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